The basis for the right promotion, or the basics of SEO metrics

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Any founders, opening a new business, is faced with a problem: how to attract as many customers as possible on the Internet and how to increase the amount of traffic to your resource. Assistants in the field of analysis and measurement of activity are SEO specialists. The duties of such a master include:

  • analysis and measurement of the work of search algorithms, as well as the principles of the sites search list while entering a query into a search engine;
  • building charts and graphs for deep analysis and verificating search engines for a specific user request;
  • selection of optimal keys for data entry, so that as many people as possible can get to the customer’s website.

For effective website promotion, experts use SEO metrics. Each web project is unique. There is no unified system for analyzing and recording statistical data to promote a business and increase its profitability. Therefore, taking up the matter, an SEO specialist chooses an individual approach to each resource. There is a small list of universal metrics that can be used for any resource as a foundation for starting work on a web project.

Main metrics

The main metrics include:

  • free transition to a website based on a search result;
  • statistical collection and analysis for a specific period (for a month, half a year or a year);
  • search by key name that is not a brand;
  • collection of statistical data for ranking (getting into the top in search results) of the site.

Having started SEO optimization, you should not go headlong into just one metric and forget about other factors that also affect the profitability of project promotion. It happens that getting into the first lines of search queries does not bring large volumes of sales. Also, with good stable traffic, it is possible that sales will not grow.

For a business, the main indicator of profitability is the number of customers and profit from them. For SEO promotion, the main goal is not to sell or order a particular client on the site, but to get the site to the top in search queries and increase the amount of traffic as such. In order to combine these two indicators harmoniously, the specialist will need to find the best way to promote the project, which will satisfy the needs of the customer in terms of sales and expanding the client base through SEO optimization of the web resource. This can be achieved in the following ways:

  • the ratio of the financial profit and loss ratio of the business to the indicator of payment per click on an advertising banner, which will make it possible to determine the feasibility of investing in an advertising company;
  • revise the strategic promotion in high positions in search results to attract only the target audience, which, in turn, will increase the amount of traffic specifically for sales revenue

What does the specialist do based on the data received

The main tasks of an SEO-specialist:

  • draw up a project development strategy. It includes the calculation of competition in search results for priority categories or services according to the collected semantics;
  • conduct a technical audit of the site;
  • make an accurate calculation of the amount that will be spent on optimizing the resource and draw up a plan for purchasing links to the site;

Ultimately, get a calculation of the position of the site relative to competitors and the attachment of buyers to certain goods or services on this particular resource.

After receiving and checking the data, they are recorded in the internal documentation. You can make an SEO project forecast, which includes identifying the real position of the resource in the search engine results for the requested keywords.

The final stage is a comparative analysis of the costs of increasing the site’s position in search engine results and the expected profit as a result of an advertising campaign. It will also not be superfluous to enter key parameters for working with the resource in the future.

Summing up:

I would like to note that in SEO analytics it is impossible to make a perfect forecast without a single error and to guarantee a positive result. Therefore, it is necessary to provide for several scenarios for the development of events and a scenario of actions for each of them, which will ensure the safety of assets even in the most unfavourable outcome. With a fallback option, you won’t have to worry about the future of your web project.

We at Rescanners recommend conducting a comprehensive audit of your site and your competitors before starting promotion or already in the process in order to adjust the strategy in the best possible way and, as a result, invest in promotion as profitably as possible, as well as increase sales as quickly as possible

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