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The need to analyze the performance of the site and advertising in order to identify weaknesses may arise before the owner of any web resource. The reasons for conducting the analysis yourself are varied — from the desire to check the work of marketing specialists to the need to save money. Obtaining accurate information allows, after identifying errors, to take measures to improve the quality of the web resource and the effectiveness of advertising tools in order to promote the site.

Specialized tools for analyzing websites and advertising strategies that allow you to rationalize and automate analytics are offered by many developers. Services differ in functionality, efficiency and other indicators. There are a huge number of paid and free tools, as well as services with certain functions.
Tools for analyzing sites and advertising

  • conditionally, services can be divided into tools that perform analysis:
    sites by content quality and other indicators;
  • advertising by efficiency level;

There are also services that provide analytical information on several items. The following tools can be used for analysis.

Google Analytics

Free service with a wide range of tools for tracking and evaluating behavioral factors. The service provides accurate information on:

  • site attendance;
  • advertising performance;
  • audience analysis;
  • device analysis;
  • sales;

and hundreds of other indicators. Visitor statistics include data on new and returning visitors, session duration, bounce rate, etc.

Google Search Console

Another free service provides data on site performance, impressions and clicks. Using the console allows you to determine the average position of search queries, take action to reject bad links, find and fix errors on the site, and also see how your site is viewed by Google search robots.


Using this tool allows you to evaluate the amount and structure of traffic, obtain data on the dynamics and geography of traffic, and find out the structure of user traffic through social networks.


The resource is offered in free and paid versions. It is a multifunctional platform for website analysis in order to improve usability and SEO performance and to increase conversion. User behavior is analyzed at a deep level with tracking of SEO metrics. Based on the analysis data, the service determines tools for improving the usability of web sites, optimizing and increasing the conversion rate. The tool provides thermal click maps.


Web analytics system acts as an analogue of Google Analytics, but is hosted only on users’ servers. The tool provides analysis data on search engines and queries, sites or individual pages, browsers and operating systems, user behavior. The advantage of the service is the automatic sending of generated reports in html or pdf formats to users’ e-mail.


Paid service offers web analytics to provide insights based on real search traffic. The service has built-in marketing software that provides options for making changes to the site. The service is convenient for marketing analysis through search engines.


Available in paid and free versions. Compatible with Google Analytics and other analytics software. The service tester allows you to choose the most effective version of the site in the presence of a working site and a project with a new design. It is enough for the user to divide traffic between versions and specify important analysis criteria (sales level, commercial efficiency, visitor churn rate, etc.).


Among the interesting tools is the free Alexa service, which performs analysis to obtain data on the effectiveness of keywords and traffic. The service evaluates the site’s reputation by determining the number of sites linking to the resource, and also compares the user’s site with those available in the service database. In addition to traffic statistics, the tool provides data on top search queries, offers options for improving SEO performance through keywords used by competitors. Information is provided by viewing locations, age, gender, educational level of visitors, and even by the presence of children.

Understanding and customizing these tools for your purposes is not difficult. We recommend you to review periodically and to monitor the performance of your site, regardless of the data that your advertising contractor shows you.

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